Mapping the International Geneva Education Ecosystem
Working Paper #14

Mapping the International Geneva Education Ecosystem

January 2024

International cooperation is critical to realizing the right to education enshrined in many global and national policies and agendas. SDG-focused organisations based in Geneva exist within an ecosystem which curtails or enables their decision making, priorities, funding and ways of knowing.

NORRAG’s International Geneva project focuses on developing understanding of the ecosystem of international cooperation for education located in Geneva, and its effects globally, especially with the Global South. There is more work on education in international Geneva than might appear at first.

This Working Paper reveals how these education-focused organisations experience, value and use the Geneva ecosystem in ways that further the achievement of SDG 4, and benefit–as they listen to–stakeholders in the Global South.

International Geneva offers a unique geopolitical context for developing a positively functioning ecosystem that can accelerate decision-making, goal achievement and funding towards aligned endeavours (such as the Sustainable Development Goals). Despite the coexistence of organisations and individuals working on several interrelated SDGs, it is a fragmented ecosystem. To leverage the relations already in place, systemic facilitation activities with International Geneva actors must be undertaken.


Suggested citation

Faul, M. V., Montes Ruíz, L. G., Lee, E. and Gabriel, B. G. (2023). Mapping the International Geneva Education Ecosystem. Working Paper #14. NORRAG.