Education and Training Out of Poverty? A Status Report
NORRAG News #37

Education and Training Out of Poverty? A Status Report

May 2006

Are education and skills really the way out of poverty? Can basic education of poor quality really help poor people get out of poverty? What is the role of culture in educating out of poverty? Do four years of education really make a difference to farmers’ productivity? What can Africa learn from Asia? These are some of the questions the contributors to this issue have tried to answer in 45 short, topical articles, from across the globe. The overarching lesson learned for this issue is that education policies must be part and parcel of an overall development strategy and that this strategy can only be ‘born from within’.

Contents include:

  • Success Stories but Policy and Research Challenges 
  • Literacy and Basic Education for Poverty Reduction
  • Politics and Practice of Post-Basic Education for Poverty Reduction
  • Basic Skills for Poverty Reduction
  • National and Local Education Reforms for Poverty Reduction