Post-2015 and the Global Governance of Education and Training
Working Paper #7

Post-2015 and the Global Governance of Education and Training

December 2014

By Kenneth King and Robert Palmer

Since at least 2012 there has been a significant amount of discussion and debate about what the post-2015 education and training focus should be and about the content and wording of a possible education goal and its targets. With less than one year to go until the September 2015 UN General Assembly meeting, where it is expected that a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including one for education, will be agreed upon, the focus is turning to the means of implementation and to questions of how to achieve these SDGs. For the education sector there appears to have been very little discussion on how the proposed post-2015 education goals and targets will be implemented and what kind of macro-level governance structure may be required. This Working Paper attempts to shed light on this crucial missing element of the post-2015 education discussions to date, by addressing the global governance of education and training (GGET) and its link to education post-2015. It interrogates three key issues: the existing global governance of education situation; the understandings, meanings and aspirations of the global governance of education; and how global governance is reflected in the post-2015 education and training debate and propositions.

Prof. Kenneth King is the Editor of NORRAG News and is an Emeritus Professor at the School of Social and Political Studies, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 
Dr. Robert Palmer runs NORRAG NEWSBite, NORRAG’s blog and twitter account (@norrag).